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Michelle Klann

Michelle Klann

Owner of Liquamedia, Founder of Golf Nations

Hello, my name is Michelle Klann, but you can call me Miki.

In 1998, I founded a web design and development company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona called Liquamedia. Since 2001, we have had the honor and privilege to work with several different golf associations across the United States including Arizona, Southern California, Georgia, Oregon, Connecticut, Southern Nevada, and New Jersey.

In 2015, we founded Golf Nations—a project with a mission to support the technical needs of golf associations throughout the United States and abroad.

The Story behind Golf Nations

In early 2009, the Arizona Golf Association asked us to build them an online portal to capture credit card payments for golfers joining the association and renewing. At that time, we also built a batch renewal feature to allow their club admins to pay for multiple members at a time by credit card, rather than mailing in a check. At the time we built them our economy was in a powerful economic recession; building these features helped the AGA receive payments from their clubs and members before the year’s end.

In 2011, the Georgia State Golf Association asked us to build them a similar mechanism to allow golfers to join and renew online. To save the GSGA in total cost, we started this project by copying over the code base we had developed for the AGA.

Soon after, we realized that each association had very different requirements, making it difficult to share one code base. Because of these differences, both the AGA and GSGA had to cover the development and maintenance costs for two completely separate systems.

In 2013, Miami Valley Golf Association contacted us to see if they could use their GHIN grant money to build a similar system. It was then when we set out to build a portal that could be used by any golf association to follow.

One code base = lower cost and less maintenance. The trick was to get everyone on the same page moving forward with regard to features and functionality!

In 2014, I had the privilege to attend the IAGA meeting in Bermuda. During that seminar, I realized several things:

  • Larger associations are more than happy to help out smaller associations.
  • Each association was on their own to develop and maintain software to support their members.
  • Most associations faced challenges with declining membership.
  • Many associations were interested in improving customer interaction and marketing efforts.
  • There was a concern that many of the clubs hold member data and were not taking proactive action to retain members.
  • Many associations were interested in setting up Type 3 clubs for those golfers who wanted a handicap but didn’t necessarily want to be associated with a member club.

Working together to build one solution that all golf associations can utilize brings to market a far more powerful and efficient product than if all golf associations build it on their own. We are excited to work with golf associations to develop tools that can be used by all golf associations. The more we work together, the better off the state of golf is for all associations.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to pool golf association resources to create software that benefits all golf associations.

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