Club Caddie version 1.5 went live today. It includes the following features and updates.

  • Added ability to customize confirmation pages. See below for details on how to use this feature.
  • Added merchant defined field for payment type. Golf Nations will now push the payment type (paid online, batch renewal, auto-renewed) into NMI MDF 17.
  • Golfer look-up slides down. When a golfer looks themselves up by first and last name the page slides down to display the results.
  • Added association setting to hide all profile info on golfer profile page. If this is turned on, the golfer will have to enter their profile information each time they use the system. New profile info will be pushed to GHIN and replace any info previously stored in GHIN.
  • Updated birthdate picker with month, day, year dropdowns.

How to Customize Confirmation Pages
You can now customize the following three confirmation pages:

  • Confirmation
  • Confirmation Renew
  • Pending

Navigate to Club Caddie > Pages and select one of the three pages listed above. When editing these pages, you must put all of your content in between the open and close tags. For example, on the confirmation page, place all content in between [gn_confirmation] and [/gn_confirmation]. Your text must be between these two tags.

To allow you to personalize the page for each individual golfer using the system, we have added shortcodes you can insert into your customized page content. To use the CC Shortcodes dropdown, place your cursor in your text where you’d like the shortcode to be placed. Then select the appropriate shortcode from the dropdown. Once your text is ready, click the update button to the right to push your changes live.