Club Caddie version 1.6 went live today. Below is a list of features that it includes.

Select membership type page now shows price less discounts:
We’ve updated the page on which the golfer selects a membership type to show each specific golfer’s actual price. Previously it only showed the total cost for each membership type (association fee + membership type fee), without accounting for discounts. Now it shows the actual price a golfer will pay, taking into account the discounts s/he is eligible for, if any.

If you previously set up two different membership types for join and renew and you wish to combine them, we encourage you to do so. Please do not, however, delete any membership types that have members scheduled to auto-renew into them. Instead of deleting, set the membership type available online end date to a date that has passed and do the steps listed in the “auto-renew into different membership type” section below.

Auto-renew into different membership type:
We’ve added the ability to set a membership type to auto-renew into a different membership type. This is very important to helping auto-renewals process successfully, so please look at each of your membership types to ensure you have them set up correctly for auto-renew. The following scenarios are examples of when this feature should be used:

  • If a membership type allows only new joins, anyone scheduled for auto-renewal under that membership type will not process.
  • If a membership is set to expire, any auto-renewals scheduled to process after that expiration date will not process.

To use this feature, navigate to the membership type tab for the club you wish to update. Click on the membership type name. In the pop-up window, scroll to the bottom and select the membership type you want members to auto-renew into. Click save.

Transactions and accounting pages more user friendly:
We’ve enhanced the search function of both the accounting and transaction pages to make it easier for you to use. We’ve also added the golfers’ GHIN numbers and service IDs to the listings.

Other updates:

  • Fixed auto-renew projected renewal date on shopping cart page.
  • Added GHIN error log to help us investigate issues that arise when we communicate with GHIN.