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GHIN down, Golf Nations continues without disruption

While the GHIN API was down intermittently last week, we’re excited to announce that Golf Nations continued to process transactions without disruption.

One of the major upgrades built into 2.0 was a completely restructured database that syncs with GHIN in real-time. If GHIN becomes unavailable, our system allows us to continue with business as usual and then updates GHIN as soon as it comes back online. This upgrade eliminates support calls to your association about transaction issues during a GHIN outage. What could be better than that!

Since 2.0 launched, we’ve been working to make Golf Nations even more solid. We’re watching all rejections we receive from GHIN and we’re making changes to our software to prevent them from happening again.

One example is the new address verification we built into our frontend checkout process. As you know, GHIN requires a golfer’s state and zip code to match. We now verify that a golfer’s zip code and state match on the profile page. If they don’t, the golfer must fix the issue before continuing to their shopping cart.

It’s updates like these that make your job easier. Working together, we can create a system that simplifies your processes and helps increase your membership base.