Now you can add promo codes to your discounts.

With today’s release of Online Join & Renew version 1.8, you now have the ability to create promo codes for specific discounts you don’t want to give to everyone who joins or renews through your Golf Nations website.

Creating a promo code is easy! From either the club or association level, create a discount and check the box titled promo code. Then type a unique promo code into the text box that appears to the right of the promo code checkbox.

promo codes

Finish by marking the rest of your desired discount settings and clicking the save button. Once saved, golfers can begin using the promo code on the front-end checkout page. Please note, each promo code you set up must be unique.

Other enhancements included v1.8

Added GHP optional field email variable.
Associations can now use the variable [optional_fields] in emails to show any optional fields that are set up in GHP for a specific club. Note, all optional fields for that club will show in the email, whether or not the golfer provided the information requested by the field when joining/renewing through Golf Nations.

Membership page will be skipped if no options.
If a golfer is eligible for only one membership type and there are no add-ons available, the membership page will be skipped during the checkout process.

Added interactive map to club directory page.
For those who use the Golf Nations club directory, golfers can now use our interactive map to search for golf clubs close to home. Note, clubs listed on map are only those allowing online join/renew through Golf Nations.