We have a follow-up release to our last release that is going live tomorrow. It includes the following features.

Create an association discount that applies to only one or some of your clubs
By default, an association discount will be applied to all of your clubs. If you uncheck the “apply to all clubs” checkbox in the association discount pop-up, a list of your clubs that are allowing online join/renew will display. Select all clubs for which you’d like the specific discount applied.

New members approved automatically when in specific zip code(s)
For all membership types that have opted to require approval for new members, you can now set one or more zip codes to automatically approve. To use this feature, list the zip code(s) from which the club is accepting members in the membership type pop-up. Use commas (no spaces) to separate zip codes. All new members whose profile zip code matches one of the zip codes entered will be automatically approved. All new members with other zip codes will go through the current requires-approval process.

Bug fixes:

  • New member discount not being reflected on membership type page – fixed one use case that wasn’t displaying correctly.