Golf Nations Online Join and Renew, formerly known as Club Caddie, released version 1.7 today. Listed below you will find its core features and functionality.


Administrative Features and Functionality

Added ability to archive membership types.
Archived membership types will not display on website front end. User also has the ability to unarchive a membership type.

Retired date ranges for membership types.

Hid membership type page from club admin.
To help lockdown all potential reasons an auto-renewal could fail, we’ve eliminated the ability for club admin to view/edit the membership type page. When logged in as a club admin, the membership type page and tab will no longer show. Now, only association admins can add/edit membership types, discounts and add-ons for a club.

Updated how to distinguish if a membership type accepts new members and/or renewals.
Rather than using checkboxes for join and renew, the membership type pop-up now displays one checkbox titled “This membership type is accepting new members online.” The box is checked by default. When checked, the membership type will allow new members to join as well as renewing members. When not checked, the membership type will only allow renewals.

Updated column heading on club directory.
The ‘Display Online’ column now is titled ‘Display in Directory.’ Note, the checkbox in this column only affects whether or not a club is displayed in the Golf Nations online directory. A club must have at least one membership type set up to allow golfers the ability to join or renew online.

Added membership types column to club directory.
This column displays the number of active membership types set up for each club. If no active membership types exist for a club, nothing will display in this column. Note: archived membership types will not be counted.

Added GHIN club ID column to Accounting page.

System now updates GHIN membership type (Junior/Regular) when golfer updates birthdate during checkout process.
When a golfer updates his/her birthdate on the profile page during the checkout process, Golf Nations will update the GHIN membership type (Junior or Regular) in GHIN when applicable. Note, the GHIN membership type is only updated for the club the golfer is joining or renewing into.

Emails sent from website are now using Mandrill.
Due to that fact that ISPs (like Gmail and Yahoo) are cracking down on spam, Golf Nations was continuing to see issues with email deliverability. For this reason, all Golf Nations transactional and club admin emails are now being processed through Mandrill, an outside service that specializes in email deliverability. It is recommended that associations set up their own Mandrill account through Mailchimp. By setting up a Mandrill account, an association can use their own email address (for example [email protected]) for emails sent through Golf Nations, and the association will be able to view logs of all emails sent through Golf Nations.

Added golfer queue to resolve GHIN blank responses.
To resolve the issue of the GHIN API sending blank responses sporadically when attempting to add a new golfer through the API, we’ve added a golfer queue. When a new golfer joins a club and GHIN returns a blank response instead of a GHIN number, the golfer is put into a queue that continues to check GHIN for the golfer until GHIN sends back a GHIN number.


Front-end Interface

Added GHIN is down message.
When a golfer is joining or renewing online and the system is unable to connect to GHIN, the golfer will now see a message indicating that GHIN is down and to please try their purchase again later.



Created widget for SRGAs to use in member dashboard on association’s website.
You can customize the style of your dashboard widget to match your site. Important note about widget and transaction reporting: If a golfer is renewing more than one club at one time through the widget, the transactions will show in the admin panel and on the golfer’s email receipts (if applicable) as two separate transactions, even though it is processed through your merchant bank as one transaction. Important note about widget and auto-renew: If a golfer is signed up to be auto-renewed, s/he will still see a checkbox noting s/he is up for renewal.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed association admin unable to add/edit/delete CC email addresses on membership types.
  • Fixed save button appearing to not work on roster when selecting a membership type for a member.
  • Fixed GHIN search on front end not working when name included an apostrophe.