Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? No problem, we have answers.


If these FAQ don’t help, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

How much does it cost to use Club Caddie?

It is recommended that you budget $4,000 in setup fees.  This will include your design, configuration with GHIN and AFS(NMI) and training.

Support, maintenance, and new development costs are covered by the funds that are raised through the cooperative effort.

Are there any hidden fees for my clubs?

No, there are no hidden fees for your clubs.

You are welcome to adjust your Association fees to cover the merchant fee.

What merchant bank does Club Caddie integrate with?

Club Caddie is fully integrated with our nation’s leading SRGA merchant provider – Automated Financial Solutions, formerly known as NMI.

To sign up and/or to discuss pricing, please contact Heidi Olson:

Heidi Olson
Automated Financial Solutions (AFS) 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 715.858.0083

Merchant fees do apply to all transactions.

If you prefer to use a different merchant bank, please contact us and we will be happy to provide an estimate.

How would my accounting work?

Through Club Caddie, you collect money up front on all online transactions and it is recommended that you send monthly or quarterly payments to your clubs.

All transactions are recorded in AFS (NMI) using web services.   For each transaction, we record Association Dues, Club Fees, and any discounts that may have applied.  This will allow you to generate reports to determine the amount due to the clubs.

How do I set up different pricing for new vs. renewing members?

There are two ways to set this up.


One, you could simply add two different membership types, one in which only join was selected and the other in which only renew was selected.


The second, and the option we suggest using, is to use discounting. If you want the golfer who gets the cheaper rate to know they’re benefiting for whatever reason, this is the way to go. For this route you would set up one membership type and check both new and renew, and then use a discount to get the cheaper price to the correct member. For example, if your renewals get a discount for being a loyal member, you could set up a “Renewal Discount” (call it what you like, of course) and in their shopping cart they would see that discount.

One thing to note when setting up a renewal, we have three types of members listed under membership status in the discount pop-up (see attached).

  • New members – a golfer joining the club for the first time
  • Renewals continuing – a current member of the club who has an active membership status for this club in GHIN
  • Reinstatements reactivating – a former member of the club who is still in the club’s roster but whose status for this club is inactive in GHIN
How do email notifications work?

Golf Nations’ automated emails are managed through the Email Notifications section of Club Caddie. Individual email notification templates can be accessed by selecting a specific template from the email template dropdown.


Email notifications are automatically sent by the system when an event occurs, such as a new member joins a club or an auto-renewal processes. They are named according to the event that triggers them and to whom they are sent. For example “Join – Pending (to golfer)” is sent to the golfer who just joined as a new member a club that requires approval to join. “Renew – Complete (to club)” is sent to the club admin (the email listed on the club settings page) when a renewal has processed. Join, renew and auto-renew emails to the club will also be sent to anyone listed as a CC on the Membership Type pop-up for emails that relate to that specific membership type.
All emails either go to the member (golfer) or to the club. If you would like to have an email also sent to someone at the association, add that email address in the CC option of each membership type pop-up for which you’d like the emails.

How do I edit the content on my pages?

You can add content above or below the dynamic content of each page.

To do this, go into Club Caddie > Pages, you can add content to any page listed just don’t delete the shortcode or your checkout process WILL BREAK.  Shortcodes look like this [gn_select].