Club Billing

A customizable billing system for any golf association using the GHIN Handicapping service.

The most powerful club billing system on the market.

Automate your billing with our enterprise-level billing system made specifically for golf associations using the GHIN handicap system.

Billing clubs can get complex, especially when you’re accepting golfer payments online. Simplify your accounting work with Golf Nations Club Billing, the only product on the market that syncs with GHIN in real-time and supports a revolving year.

Plus, it fully integrates with Golf Nations Join & Renew—any payments that process through it will automatically be included in your bills.

Features to Make Billing Simple

Club Billing screenshot

Revolving Year Option

Set each club to either support a calendar or revolving year. Learn more about revolving year further down on this page.

Discounts for Deactivation

If your association opts to give a discount to golfers who were deactivated before they paid, you can customize those rules and the amount discounted.

Bill Payments by Credit Card

Clubs can pay their bills by credit card, ensuring you get paid faster than ever before.

Bill Payments by Check

Association administrators can post checks from clubs.

Real-time GHIN Sync

We sync with GHIN every minute, ensuring we’re billing for the most up-to-date information available.


See a breakdown of what was billed each month and export it as an Excel file.

Integrates with Join & Renew

Payments processed through Join & Renew will be automatically applied to bills.

Tracks Payments by Golfer

Both you and your clubs can see a list of who has paid and who hasn’t.

Club Admin Panel

Give your club administrators access to log in and manage their golfers, bills and more.

Post Credits and Fees

Association administrators can post a credit to an individual club or charge them a fee. Both are added to the next bill.

Custom Email Notifications

Customize the emails automatically generated from the Club Billing system.


You have two options for the end of a golfer’s membership year: bill for them or deactivate them. We allow you to set this for each individual golfer.

Revolving vs. Calendar Year

Some clubs are more traditional while others are more forward thinking. With Club Billing you have two calendar options, which you can set for each individual club.

Revolving Year

With revolving year, a golfer’s membership lasts exactly one year from the date s/he first joined. Think of your Costco or Amazon membership. Your renewal each year is based on the date you first joined. Revolving year has become the standard in most membership-based industries.

Calendar Year

Calendar year is based on your association’s calendar year. If your association’s calendar year starts on March 1, for example, a golfer who joins on October 15 will only have a 4.5 month membership the first year, even though the golfer may be paying the full annual rate.

Club Admin Control Panel

Give your club administrators accountability for their rosters and payments.

View and pay bills online.

View unbilled activity and checks posted.

View payment status for all golfers on roster.

Add a golfer to the roster; golfer is pushed to GHIN automatically.

Manage rollover status for each active golfer on roster.

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