Online Join & Renew

A mobile-friendly online join and renew portal for any golf association using the GHIN Handicapping service.

Golfers can join any club, anytime, anywhere!

We’ve built our golfer checkout pages to be fully responsive, which means golfers can use the site from their phones or other mobile devices, not just from their computer. And you can customize our checkout pages to match your website’s look and feel.

Plus our powerful database syncs with GHIN in realtime. If GHIN is not available for any reason, your Golf Nations site keeps running smoothly and will sync with GHIN as soon as it’s back online.

Our step-by-step interface allows renewing golfers to look up their GHIN number; new golfers are automatically given a new GHIN number.

We generate custom links for each club. Use these links on your golf association website, club websites, the GHIN mobile app, the GHIN kiosk, or send them through email to golfers.

Golf Association Control Panel

Everything you need to manage your clubs.

Manage association fees, add-ons and discounts.

Edit page content.

Customize email notifications.

Emails are sent to the golfer and club after every transaction.

Select which clubs allow golfers to join and renew online.

Edit club fees, add-ons and discounts.

Generate quick links for your clubs.

Clubs are pulled into the system via the GHIN API.

Set up auto-renewal for any club. Auto-renewals are optional for golfers on checkout.

Set up subscription types for each participating club.

Subscription types are directly linked to GHIN services.

For example: Mens, Womens, Seniors, and Juniors.

Show or hide association dues on checkout.

Charge transaction fees to golfers on a club-by-club basis, if desired.

Process payments through your NMI account.

Pass critical data to NMI for accounting purposes.

We can support any merchant bank.

Auto Renewal

Set up auto-renewal for any club. Email notifications are sent to the golfer before the renewal is processed.

Built in Eligibility

You set the eligibility requirements for each club subscription type, discount, add-on or promotion.

Club Admin Controls

Club admins can prepay for members, view a roster that includes payment information, see transactions for their club and more.

Transaction Reporting

Simplify your customer support and accounting.  With Join & Renew, you have access to every transaction processed through the portal.

Club Admin Control Panel

Clubs can manage their members and prepay for members.

View roster and edit golfer information; edits are pushed to GHIN automatically.

View club’s Join & Renew transaction history.

Prepay for members using a credit card.

Add/edit additional club admin users.

Data Updated in Real-time

We have a powerful enterprise-level database that syncs with GHIN in real-time. If GHIN is not available for any reason, your Golf Nations site will continue to process transactions and will sync with GHIN as soon as it’s back online.

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“There is a revolution happening in the golf industry right now and it’s never been more important to improve our value proposition, acquire new customers and make it easier for clubs and facilities to expand their revenue opportunities.”