Customer Relationship Management

An intuitive CRM that integrates with GHIN and the Golf Nations software suite.

We're changing the way you think about CRM software.

We’ve developed a CRM solution unlike any you’ve used in the past. Not only does our CRM platform sync with GHIN in real-time, but it seamlessly integrates with our other products. When a customer updates his data upon checkout in our Join & Renew software, you’ll immediately see that update in CRM.

Our infrastructure is based on one, consolidated database which powers all of your application layers.

Plus, we believe accessing and editing your data should be easy, so we’ve built a system that is simple to use, even though it’s quite complex behind the scenes.

Features Made for Golf Associations

Consolidated Customer Data

The more places you store the same data, the more risk you run of outdated, erroneous data. We have one database for all Golf Nations products. No matter which tool your customer information is updated through, that update is made in our one database, keeping your data as clean as possible.

Real-time GHIN Sync

We sync with GHIN every minute, ensuring you’re looking at the most up-to-date data in our CRM platform.

Powerful Segmentation

Segment your data in ways you never thought possible.

Simple to Use

We know everyone at your association is not tech savvy, so we’ve made sure our user interface is super simple to use, no matter who is using it.

Organization and Role Management Tools

Add custom organizations and roles, and link customers to this data.

Store your TPP Data

With TPP being decommissioned soon, you’ll need a place to store your historical tournament data. Import it into our CRM and you and your website can access it indefinitely.

Will Integrate with Golf Genius

We know your tournament data is important, so when the Golf Genius API is released, we’ll be ready.

One Admin Panel

We give you one place to log in and access the administrative panel that runs all of our products. No more remembering multiple usernames and passwords, or keeping separate browser tabs open for each software tool you use.

Locate a Customer's Data in Seconds

We’re dedicated to making a CRM solution for golf associations that makes sense to you, the user. That’s why we’ve created intuitive pages that anyone new to the system can easily navigate. Check out screenshots of our user interface.

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Built by a team that values cooperative effort

We want your association dollars to go as far as they can when it comes to technology. That’s why we have a verifiable track record of working to pool the financial resources of golf associations to build software products that meet the needs of most golf associations. We truly believe that golf associations are strongest when they work together to accomplish a goal, and we’re experts at working with our clients to stretch their technology dollars to get the most bang for their buck.