Our Mission

We’re on a mission to pool golf association resources to create software that benefits all golf associations.

Customers have high expectations for technology.

Though we don’t often see a price tag for websites or mobile apps, custom software development is expensive and time-consuming.

An experienced web developer makes $80,000 per year, which gets you an online tool without any thought given to design and usability. You’ll also need a web designer, who makes on average $65,000 per year.

We’ve brought together a team of highly experienced web experts, some with previous experience in the golf industry, to create online tools that automate your workload as a golf administrator.

Our Goals are Simple

Join Forces

We only are as strong as we are united. Collaboration divides the task and multiplies the success of any initiative.

Spread the Wealth

If we share in development costs, we can build value and improve the overall customer experience nationally and abroad.


Pool Resources

Requirements gathering, quality assurance, training, and support takes time and valuable resources. Together we can help one another.

Gather Intelligence

With one system collecting fees, it’s easy to identify which pricing models are working the best and why. This type of customer intelligence will increase ROI.

Analyze Customer Interaction

Together, we can improve customer conversion by A/B testing, conversion funnel tracking and refining the overall customer experience.

Improve your Value Proposition

More features, especially in a mobile app, will improve your value proposition to the golfer. Together we have the largest sales force in the nation.

Automate Business Processes

Improve your processes by allowing automatic renewals and online prepayments. Take it one step further and automate your entire club billing process.

Integrate with GHIN

When GHIN upgrades their platform, they will support an entirely new API (Application Programming Interface). Using one code base will lower the cost of integration.

One Code Base + Shared Resources = Lower Cost


So who decides which features are developed and when?

Any association who wishes to build specific features into Golf Nations can pay for new development. Associations who take the lead on new development are the ones who help develop and finalize requirements and functionality for the features they develop.

We encourage associations who want similar features to pool their money and work as a team to define requirements.

Everyone using the app will benefit from new features and functionality.

Do you need something built into Golf Nations that is custom for your association? No problem. Feel free to contact us for an estimate regarding your individual needs.

Increase your conversion and retention.