We are excited to announce that Club Caddie v1.1 has been released!  Core features in this release include:

Front-end User Experience

  • Do not require CC details for any transaction totaling $0.

Association Admin Features 

  • Gave Associations the ability to add/edit/remove users for any club.

Club Admin Features 

  • Set up a Club Admin portal with limited permissions.
  • Added the ability for Club Admins to add/edit/remove new users.

Development Environment & Data Redundancy

  • Set up developer environment and subversion control.
  • Set up staging environment for pre-releases and QA.
  • Set up automated backups every 24 hours for critical data both on and off site.
  • Limit Association admin roles and permissions in the WordPress MultiSite Network.

Front-end User Experience

Transactions Totaling $0
In use cases where the transaction total is $0 due to the discounts applied (most often juniors) , we no longer require credit card fields. Upon completion of the checkout process, the user is added to GHIN and emails are sent as usual.

Association Admin Features

Add/Edit/Remove Club Admins
Since we will soon release back office tools for Club Admins, we have started building a club admin portal.  Association admins have access to all the club portals and can see everything a club sees.  This makes it easier for them to provide customer support.

In this release we built the functionality allowing Association admins to create/edit/remove club admins for any club.

Club Admin Features

Club Admin Users
Club Admins have the ability to add and remove new users to a club. 
There is no limit to the number of users that can be added for each club.

A Club Admin may have access to multiple clubs. Clubs are listed in the left nav.  

Adding a New User
When a new user is added, we pre-issue them a password and they are sent an email notification with a link to the control panel.  From there, they can login and update their password using the “My Profile” link.

If the email address is already in our system, we know this is a user who is already active in another club.

  • In this case, we display the following message under the email field: ‘This user is already in our system.  Please click the “Add User” button below and they will be given access to your club.’
  • Upon submission, we add this club to the user record and he/she will receive an email notification.

Deleting a User

Once a user is created in the system, Club Admins and Association Admins can edit the user’s information (email, first name, last name).  Users can also edit their profile information by logging in and clicking on “My Profile”.  Only the account holder can edit their password (using the ‘My Profile’ tab).

Club admins can remove users from the list.  If a club admin is removed from the list, they will still be in the system, however they will not have access to that club.  

Club Admin Permissions
Club Admins have limited access to the portal.  They can do each of the following:

  • Add/edit Membership Types for their club
  • Add/edit Discounts for their club
  • Add/edit Add-ons for their club (coming soon)
  • View/edit Members for their club (coming soon)
  • Edit Club Settings for their club
  • Add/edit users for their club
  • Edit their user profile

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