We recently released a new reporting feature for Golf Nations Join & Renew. It’s called Purchase History and you’ll find it by navigating to Join & Renew > Purchase History from your Golf Nations administrative panel.

You can now easily determine who took advantage of a discount or add-on at both the club and association level. On the flip side, you can also use the report to determine who did not get a specific discount or add-on. And the best part is, the data can easily be exported to a CSV file.

Check out our short demo to see just how it works.

Tips for accurate data

Jot down these tips to ensure you get just what you’re looking for when you create your first Purchase History report.

Is vs. Is Not

  • Is = Discount or add-on selected was included in golfer’s cart
  • Is Not = Discount or add-on selected was not included in golfer’s cart

And vs. Or

  • And = Results match all filters selected
  • Or = Results match at least one filter selected